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How it works?

Here are some simple steps for you.

1 Join us with simple steps

We provide trustful rooms for you all over Korea.

We also provide useful information you may need to stay in Korea.

Please put your information to make a booking with us.

2 Choose the right home for you

We provide different types of room. All of our rooms have been carefully selected and well-cared under our system.

Select any rooms moved your heart, and check features.

3 Fill up ‘Request a room’ form

Send us a request form by clicking the ‘book now’ button.

And fill up the booking form with the information about your stay.

Also, tell us about any of your preference.

4 Room matching

Our superb matching system provides the result of 100 % fulfils your needs.

We will check the availability of the room you have chosen, and get back to you.

What if your room is unavailable? Don’t worry, we will give you a best matched rooms with you.

5 Make a reservation

After you make a decision, our service manager will help you to make a reservation.

We accept PayPal and other payment options are available.

A confirm mail will be sent after you make a payment.

6 Plan your visit

Make a plan about what you are going to do while you stay in Korea.

Visit our ‘Cultural Experience’ menu.

We curate the best events for you. Whatever event need you to have, we will try and make it come true.

7 Stay with Us!

We will send a notification prior to your check-in date.

Stay with us Korea will be your best buddy in Korea.

Have a nice stay under our care, and create Lovely memories in Korea.

We provide 360˚services from your arrival to departure.

Just contact us if you have any problem or whenever you need help.

Our instant helper will help you.

You can contact us with Live chat, email or kakaotalk (staywithuskorea)